Roofnest introduces the Falcon 2 rooftop tent that gives the original version from 2019 a complete redesign. Prices start at $3,595 for the model that measures 88 inches long, 50 inches wide, and 6.5 inches tall when closed. The XL version is $3,795 and expands the width to 60 inches to give sleepers a bit more room to stretch out.

The bottom shell takes cues from Roofnest's range-topping Falcon Pro. It uses honeycomb aluminum and has double accessory channels. They can hold up to 75 pounds and use standard M8 hex bolts to affix any gear. To get to the tent, there's an eight-foot telescoping aluminum ladder.

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Inside, Roofnest uses thicker, quieter, 320-gram poly-cotton material as the fabric for the tent. It has a black-out coating so that the sunlight doesn't bother your sleep in the morning. Zip-on rain covers cover the three entrances in case you're caught in a storm.

Occupants rest on a 2.5-inch thick memory foam mattress. There are six pockets for holding items like your smartphone or tablet. Two, battery-powered dimmable LED strips provide some light in there.

The Falcon line sits above Roofnest's Condor offerings. The range-topping option is the Falcon Pro for $4,095. It features a PVC skylight panel in the roof that allows for nighttime star gazing.

The top Condor model is the Overland for $3,595. It has an aluminum shell and fold-out sleeping area that is 93 inches long and 54 inches wide. There are three accessory channels that can hold 100 pounds when the tent is closed or 40 pounds when open.

In 2021, editor Brett T. Evans got the opportunity to sleep in a Roofnest Condor during a trip to Sequoia National Park. He found the setup to be easy, and the mattress was comfortable. "It was actually one of the best nights of sleep I’ve had while camping, refreshing me almost completely before it was time to drive home," he wrote.

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